Monday, 25 August 2014

On gender and development

This is something I think a good deal about, and have done some work on. Pending any new writing I can find the time to do, here are two pieces on the subject published in Pragati Mag


  1. You seem to be quite occupied in your new assignment Varsha mam. Write something...

  2. Inequality can take a lot of shapes. I think it was Amartya Sen who in an essay broke inequality into 7 types:
    (1) Mortality inequality: High mortality rates of females
    (2) Natality inequality: Preference for male child
    (3) Basic facility inequality: Unequal access to schooling etc.
    (4) Special opportunity inequality: Unequal access to professional training, higher education etc.
    (5) Professional inequality:Discrimination at workplace
    (6) Ownership inequality:Unequal access to property
    (7) Household inequality at home

    We have to fight inequality at all these levels for a sustained change.